Create Your Resilient Future: Life Design After 60

Are you ready to apply core resilience practices to build a good life on new realities. Adjust your thinking to experience more than a usual "retirement". Ponder your relationship to “elderhood” and think about making a contribution to the next generation. Discover a deeper enjoyment of your current life. Reconsider what you think makes success and satisfaction. Make choices that align with your refreshed values to find purposeful vitality. Connect with others as you design your own personal Resilient Future Plan. Then this workshop is for you.

How the course works:

We’ll meet for two months, with Eight 1.5-hour weekly zoom calls (12 hours) where you will engage with others who are in the course. Each week there will be an email lesson related to that week’s session. You’ll gain insight and inspiration from others who are designing their path forward.

Session Topics:

You Will Learn:

  • How to build resilience into all parts of your life
  • How to cultivate nourishing relationships
  • How to refresh your values and purpose
  • How to face change more confidently
  • How to let go of what is not serving you
  • How to make choices that energize you

About Your Facilitator: Cynthia Scott

Cynthia Scott, PhD, is an emeritus leadership professor, active coach and consultant designing resilient teams and organizations. She has worked with thousands of clients individually and in workshops around the world and is now excited to turn her experience enhancing resilience toward creating a vibrant second half of life for those who are Not Done Yet! Her books include Leadership for Sustainability and Change, Take This Job and Love it, Managing Personal Change, Getting Your Organization to Change, Rekindling Commitment, Managing Organizational Change, Empowerment, Organizational Mission, Vision and Values. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Fielding Institute, a M.P.H. in Health Planning and Administration from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from University of California, Berkeley.

Dates: Starting in September 2020


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