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Elder Up: Transition With Resilience
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Elder Up: A Call for Reimagining Aging


This manifesto invites you to reimagine how you see aging. It encourages you to think about exchanging retirement for elderhood. It highlights how step up to the challenge of reimaging aging in a resilient way. It lays the foundation of 5 areas where you can focus your resilience and 12 specific Tune-up practices that have been gathered from people who have flourished in their later years. None of these practices require financial support to begin. You might think of these Tune-Up practices as a different kind of “bucket list”, a guide for building your capacity for providing guidance to yourself, your friends and the next generation. Use this manifesto to provoke your thinking, refresh your ideas and inspire you to Elder-Up.

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Not Done Yet! Create Your Resilient Future

(Fall 2020)

This book offers the knowledge, mindsets and behaviors that resilient people use to wake up, tune up and stand up into their vibrant future. The core resilience practices to design resilience into your life. Understand what resilient people use to come back from challenges. Rekindle your purpose and clarity. Release momentum for change. Refine a confident focus and deepen connections to others to increase your confidence to make choices. Jump start your Journey with increased connection and capacity for change. Discover what you want to keep, drop and create as you move forward.

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