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Life Design After 60

We have never lived this long and we are actively wondering what to “do” with the twenty or more years ahead. Use this time of transition to design a full, well-lived life. Aging is inevitable. Living well is a skill.

Wake Up

new Possibilities
You are already resilient, recognize, and appreciate what you already know. See new options and choices for spirited elderhood.

Tune Up

your Resilience skills
Understand core mindsets and practices to make important choices and focus your action.

Stand Up

with Confidence
Design your own Resilient Future MapSM to grow, change, and have more enjoyment in your life.

Welcome to Resilience Land

Use this map to navigate your journey. Immerse yourself in the 7 Zones that enhance resilience. You can begin anywhere; you will be familiar with some areas and a raw beginner in others. Come join the adventure!

You are Not Done Yet!: Two ways To Get Started

Join others who are ready to bring more resilience into their lives. Research shows you can grow your resilience at any age, so let’s get started! Our books and courses are for you.

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